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This study was conducted to determine some pomological properties and phytochemical contents such as total monomeric anthocyanin, total phenol, antioxidant activity, sugar, and organic acid of the chokeberry cultivars Nero and Viking, which are being cultivated in Türkiye, in 3 different harvest periods (the last week of August, the first week of September, and the second week of September). The highest total monomeric anthocyanin (794.63 mg/100 g), total phenol (5006.60 mgGAE/100 g), and antioxidant activity (79.33%) were obtained in the first harvest period of Nero. Glucose is the main sugar in chokeberry cultivars, and the highest glucose content (6.90%) was recorded in the first harvest period of Nero. The highest malic acid (2302.83 mg/100 g), which is an organic acid, was found in Nero in the first harvest period. The highest vitamin C content (36.92 mg/100 g) was obtained in Nero in the first harvest period. The optimum harvest time or period for yielding of both cultivars was the first week of September (second harvest period). The optimum harvest time was the last week of August (the first harvest period) considering total monomeric anthocyanin, total phenol and antioxidant capacity, organic acids, and sugars.


chokeberry, harvesting time, Phytochemical contents

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