Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

About This Journal

The Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry is an English language, peer-reviewed scholarly, open-access based journal. The author does not have any publication charges for open access. Articles also receive Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) from the CrossRef organization to ensure they can always be found. The journal encourages research articles and review articles. However, studies that

1) merely confirm known facts in just another species or materials or collected materials from fields or markets,

2) are only of local interest,

3) are based on surveys, material collection, or economic data, and/or are related to planning and policy, or

4) report new records and taxonomy are outside the scope of the journal and will normally not be

considered for publication.

Review articles are only accepted upon invitation by the editorial board and will still be subject to the same review process required of regular submissions. Manuscripts must be based on original research and contain novel findings of general significance.