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Selecting seeds with high vigour eminently affects initial plant growth and determines plant stand. Various tests including electrical conductivity (EC), radicle emergence counts (RE), and standard germination (SG) tests were used to assess the vigour of eleven lentils (Lens culinaris L.) seed lots. Lentil seed lots with over 75% normal germination, were germinated with the use of an ISTA standard germination test. The radicle emergence (2 mm) was tallied at constant intervals from 24-120 h. The seed lots were sown in the fields and 40 days after sowing, the final seedling emergence was evaluated. The standard germination test demonstrated that there was no substantial correlation between standard germination and field emergence. However, after 24-h of germination, there was a highly significant correlation between seed emergence and radicle emergence count (r = 0.89; p < 0.001). Hence, at 24 h, radicle emergence counts attributed to variations in field emergence by 80%. Results revealed that at 24 h, radicle emergence count during germination could be used as a vigour test to evaluate the full potential of field emergence of lentil seed lots.


Field emergence test, lentil seed, mean germination time, radicle emergence

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