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The aim of this study was to determine the effect of ethanolic extract of propolis (EEP) and an herbal mixture (Rumex crispus, Potentilla anserina, and Polygonum aviculare) on diarrhea course, hematological and biochemical parameters, and acid-base balance of rabbits. Twenty-four meat rabbits (Hyplus) were divided into four groups of eight animals. The rabbits were randomly divided into the following groups: HR - healthy rabbits, DR - rabbits with diarrhea symptoms, H - treated with 10% herbal extract, and EEP - treated with 10% ethanolic extract of propolis at 4 mL/L. The extracts were supplemented for 10 days into the drinking water. Hematological and biochemical blood parameters were examined, as well as the parameters of acid-base balance and antioxidant status. All the rabbits were subjected to clinical examination and their stool samples were tested for the presence of enteropathogenic E. Coli. The used amounts of herbal mixture or ethanolic extract of propolis added to drinking water for rabbits with chronic diarrhea caused a decrease in the duration of diarrhea, concurrently improving feed intake and final body weight. Both the ethanolic extract of propolis and the herbal extract resulted in normalization of the acid-base balance and hematological parameters. The ethanolic extract of propolis has also shown explicit hepatoprotective effects.


Rabbits, diarrhea, propolis, herbal extract, blood parameters?

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