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The objective of this study is to relationship between the somatic cell count (SCC), milk production and the morphologic traits of udder in the herds of Black-and-White cattle. The data included the test day records of milk and SCC, type evaluation of 2012 Black-and-White cows of the first lactation in 143 Lithuanian herds. The findings of the study are consistent with the results of similar previous studies concerning a negative relationship between SCC and milk yield during lactation. According to the results of the study, the increase in SCC from 100,000 to 800,000 cells/ml and above decreased the milk yield of Black-and-White cows to 658 kg (14.4%), fat content - to 28.9 kg (14.7%), and milk protein content - to 13.3 kg (9.1%). The udder and teat morphology significantly (P < 0.001) affected log2 SCC, hence the cows selection based on the udder morphology can serve to improve the milk quality reducing SCC in milk. The findings of this study are consistent with the data concerning the negative relationship between SCC and milk yield during lactation and the relationship between somatic cell count and udder, or teat morphology. Reducing milk SCC the selection of Black-and-White cows based on the udder and teat morphology can improve milk quality.


Somatic cell count, Black-and-White cattle, morphological traits of udder, milk production

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