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The quantum energy surgical device (QESD) is a new medical instrument that uses kinetic energy to heat the atoms of argon gas to a high temperature and to apply them on tissues. Unlike other devices operating on the principle of argon plasma technology, the QESD can be used in tissue vaporisation, resection, coagulation and superficial sterilisation of tissues. This study aimed to compare the amount of bleeding, duration of liver incision, duration of the whole operation and histopathological changes occurring on the surface of the incision in partial hepatectomies performed by QESD and bipolar electrocautery. The study was carried out on 16 rabbits, and showed that the QESD caused less bleeding and made it possible to perform the operations in a shorter period of time. Histopathologic examination revealed that in both the groups of rabbits operated on either by QESD or bipolar electrocautery, various changes occurred on the surface of the incision due to thermal trauma. However, the former technique was superior to the latter in terms of the efficiency of haemostasis.


Quantum energy surgical device, argon plasma scalpel, electrocautery, hepatectomy, rabbit

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