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A comparative analysis was performed under in vitro conditions using Nicotiana tabacum lines overexpressing the genes of arginine decarboxylase (FvADC) and spermidine synthase (FvSPDS) enzymes. The transgenic and native lines were tested under controlled conditions and exposed to long-term treatment of arginine (150 mg/L), putrescine (10 mg/L), and spermidine (10 mg/L). Chlorophyll and lignin contents of the samples were measured spectrophotometrically, while proline, putrescine, spermidine, and spermine contents were determined using high-performance liquid chromatography methods. The experimental results showed that the arginine decarboxylase enzyme affects polyamine metabolism. As it is involved in several other biosynthetic pathways, this effect is significant but not outstanding. Spermidine synthase is more abundant: it directly enhances the accumulation of higher polyamine forms (spermidine and spermine) without a direct negative feedback. A complex regulatory mechanism plays an important role in the precise adjustment of the amount and proportion of polyamines, an equilibrium that cannot be disrupted by minor influences.


Fragaria vesca, Nicotiana tabacum, polyamine, strawberry, transgenic

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