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Intelligent food packaging has labels that cover a vast amount of information, but some labels may pop up a lot of information after scanning, which can easily cause interface confusion, and there may be a lack of single display channels, resulting in long search times for consumers. The aim of smart food packaging design research based on visual communication and multimedia technologies is to explore and develop innovative methods to improve the attractiveness, functionality and interaction with consumers of food packaging. These all can directly affect consumers’ purchasing intention. This article was based on visual communication and multimedia technology for intelligent food packaging design to enhance the attractiveness of intelligent food packaging to consumers, enrich multimedia display content, and ultimately promote product sales. Intelligent food packaging involves art, information technology, and other aspects. This article categorized the field of intelligent food packaging design, elaborated on the forms of expression used in food packaging from existing intelligent multimedia technology, and analyzed the role of visual communication design and multimedia technology elements in food packaging. This article used a quantitative scoring table to evaluate the appearance design, interactive experience, information communication, and consumer response of food packaging. In the quantitative scoring experimental analysis, consumers evaluated the appearance of intelligent food packaging by 0.15 more than traditional food packaging and 0.03 more than conventional intelligent packaging. Ultimately, intelligent food packaging design could provide consumers with a sense of experience and clearer information transmission effects. Compared with traditional food packaging, it could quickly catch up with the development of the modern food industry.


Food Information Transmission, Intelligent Food Packaging Design, Multimedia Technology, Packaging Design, Visual Communication

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