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Abstract: In order to monitor the temperature of agricultural planting in time and avoid reducing the yield and quality of crops due to excessive temperature fluctuation, a multi-node temperature monitoring method of digital agricultural planting based on wireless sensor network is proposed. Firstly, the wireless sensor network structure in agricultural digital temperature monitoring is designed, and the overall structure of digital agricultural planting multi-node temperature monitoring is designed by combining it with the upper computer to collect agricultural planting temperature data. Secondly, the characteristics of agricultural planting temperature data are extracted, and the data are transmitted to the upper computer by establishing a temperature transmission route; Then, the efficiency of temperature anomaly monitoring is optimized based on MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) mode. Finally, the real-time collected temperature value is input into Bayesian classifier to monitor the temperature anomaly and judge the type of temperature anomaly, and a warning is given to the administrator, who takes corresponding measures to complete the multi-node temperature control of agricultural planting points according to the warning type. Experiments show that this method has strong data transmission ability, and the survival time of data transmission nodes is longer, and the energy consumption of data transmission is less, and the accuracy of abnormal temperature monitoring is above 96%. It shows that this method can accurately monitor abnormal temperature and give an alarm in time, accurately control the temperature of agricultural planting points, and promote the digital development of agriculture.


Abnormal temperature, Bayesian classifier, Digital agriculture, Key words: Wireless sensor network, MIMO mode, Upper computer

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