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In order to explore the characteristics of the flow field in the cavity of the dual-airway pneumatic fallen jujube fruit pickup device key components under the action of negative pressure air flow and optimize the structural parameters of the device, a numerical simulation model of the flow field in the body of the dual-airway pickup mouth of the key components of the dual-airway pickup device was constructed based on computational fluid dynamics. First of all, the influence of the center partition on the flow field in the pickup suction mouth was analyzed. Secondly, taking the velocity unevenness coefficient as the response index, a single factor test was carried out on the key parameters of the cavity structure to obtain the optimal value interval of each factor, and then through the orthogonal test response surface analysis and composite optimization method, the optimal structural parameter combination was determined as follows: The falloff angle is 91.37°, the opening width is 50mm, the flanging radius is 6.45mm, and the relative height is 20mm. In this case, the velocity unevenness coefficient is 5.89%. Finally, validation tests are carried out. The test results show that the velocity unevenness coefficient of dual-airway pickup suction is 6.22%, 6.60% and 6.45%, respectively. The maximum deviation from the predicted value is 0.71% and the maximum relative error is 12.05%. This study is not only of great significance to the research of complex cavity structure design optimization of pickup equipment, but also provides a reference for the development of fallen jujube fruit mechanized pickup equipment.


Jujube equipment, CFD numerical simulation, dual-airway, pickup suction, optimized design

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