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Zinc (Zn) and manganese (Mn) are important micronutrients in plant growth and development. In this study, the effect of Zn and Mn sulfate treatments at different growth stages of mother plants in common bean on seed production and germination potential was carried out. Results showed that zinc sulfate (ZnSo4) treatments significantly affected yield and pod number per plant compared to manganese sulfate tetrahydrate (MnSO4) treatments. Treatment in any form or at any stage of growth increased yield and its components in common bean. The highest efficiency of ZnSO4 was obtained in the pod production stage; MnSO4 enjoyed greater efficiency in the flowering stage; and the minimum efficiency was observed for soil application. The zinc and manganese content in the seed production by foliar application in the stem elongation + flowering + pod production stages were the highest. The two-year performance increase for three-stage consumption of zinc sulfate in comparison to no-consumption and soil consumption was respectively 173 and 202 g/ m2; by using manganese sulfate, the consumption was 92 and 134 g/m2. This increased yield seems economical compared with the costs incurred in the preparation and consumption of it. The increase in seed quality due to the increasing content of micronutrients, especially zinc, was noticeable. The results of the germination experiment showed that the plant dry weight and germination percentage treated with ZnSO4 in the lab were significantly higher than MnSO4. In the treatments by foliar application, the plant height was related to the seeds treated with Zn fertilizer, but in soil treatments, the use or nonuse of Mn fertilizer caused higher plant height. The seed production from the treated crops with foliar application at flowering + stem elongation germination was faster than the other treatments, but the minimum rate was obtained for the control group. The result showed that Zn and Mn-sprayed seeds had a significant impact on the vigor of the seedlings.


Common bean, micronutrients, foliar application, vigor

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