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Peppermint, Mentha piperita L. belonging to the Lamiaceae family, contains a valuable essential oil known for its high menthol and menthone content. During the vegetation seasons of 2016 and 2017, field studies were conducted in Turkey?s Isparta climate by using randomized blocks to examine the yield and oil composition of the new peppermint cultivars. In these studies, Multimentha produced the highest herb yield even though the quality of its essential oil is relatively poor due to its low menthol content. Yield levels of other cultivars were similar to each other with the same statistical group. In the study, Citaro, Tokat CL-8, and Chocolate varieties had high menthol contents and were within the same chemical group. Varieties reacted differently to years and harvesting seasons, including summer and autumn. The menthol content of Citaro and Tokat CL-8 cultivars was higher in the fall harvest compared to the summer harvest. On the other hand, the menthol content of the Chocolate cultivar remained stable throughout the seasons. The study has revealed that the yields of the varieties with high menthol are low, and the oils obtained from all these varieties except Multimentha conform to the European pharmacopoeia.


Cultivar, essential oil, Mentha piperita, menthone, menthol, yield

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