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The use of microsatellite (SSR) markers has successfully found its application in genetic characterization and examination of the origin of a large number of fruit species. Mediterranean germplasm is characterized by a great variety of almond genotypes. The study covered two geographically distant regions Montenegro (Bar) and Croatia (Sibenik) in a sample of 60 almond genotypes. Genetic analysis of almonds involved the use of ten microsatellite primers for genetic characterization of 60 examined genotypes, which successfully amplified PCR products and were highly polymorphic. Nine microsatellite markers used for the genetic characterization of almonds are derived from Prunus persica (UDP97-402, UDP98-411, UDP96-005, UDP98-407, BPPCT039, BPPCT014, BPPCT026, BPPCT034, BPPCT0kA) and one from Prunus armeniaca (PacA33). Statistical analyses (AMOVA and Fst) of the genetic characterization of the two almond populations revealed different levels of statistically significant genetic differentiation between the populations from the mentioned areas.


Prunus amygdalus, genetic diversity, microsatellite, genetic resources, molecular characterization

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