Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




Turkey has many valuable genetic resources for pomegranate; however, there have not been many studies on the identification and characterization of these important genetic resources. New microsatellite markers were used to characterize a set of 78 pomegranate accessions from Turkey. Using six SSR primers, a total of 41 alleles were characterized with an average of 4.6 alleles per locus and mean probability of identity (PI) value of 0.366. These data indicated a high level of polymorphism in pomegranate germplasm. Five synonymous groups could be detected among 30 accessions. This microsatellite-based key is a first step towards a database for marker-assisted identification of pomegranate accessions in Turkey. The present study provides essential information to devise a pomegranate core germplasm collection without duplication of plant material, to sustainably manage pomegranate breeding programs, and to establish conservation strategies for preserving local pomegranate genetic resources.


Genetic diversity, new microsatellites, pomegranate, synonymous group

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