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The results of the evaluation of yield and pomological characteristics of 9 cherry varieties (Sylvia, Kordia, Sunburst, Van, Summit, Stark Hardy Giant, Regina, Octavia, and Sum) and the local cherry variety Dolga siska, grafted on dwarfing rootstock Gisela 5, are presented in this paper. The research was conducted in an experimental orchard located in the village of Kosel in the Ohrid region. The orchard was planted in 2009 with a planting distance of 3.8 x 2 m. The training system of the trees is the central leader system. Intensive agricultural techniques are implemented in the orchard. The orchard is under a drip irrigation system. The study was performed during 3 consecutive years: 2011, 2012, and 2013. The following parameters were investigated: diameter of the rootstock and scion, trunk cross section area, volume of the tree crown and tree crown area, yield and yield efficiency, and quality characteristics of the fruits. All varieties had good compatibility with the rootstock. According to the diameter of the trunk, the most vigorous variety is Kordia. The local cherry variety Dolga siska had the lowest vigorousness among the evaluated varieties. The highest cumulative yield and yield efficiency were seen in the Octavia variety (41.25 kg, 0.46 kg/cm2) and the lowest in Sunburst (13.14 kg, 0.16 kg/cm2). The fruits from Dolga siska and Sunburst had the highest average fruit weight (11.70 g and 11.43 g), whereas the fruits from Sylvia had the lowest value for this parameter (7.79 g). All varieties had a very high ratio of fruit weight/stone weight. It ranged from 93.58% in Sylvia to 97.02% in Summit. Most of the studied varieties showed positive characteristics and can be recommended for mass growing in the Ohrid region. Besides the local variety Dolga siska as the best option, Stark Hardy Giant, Kordia, Sunburst, and Van can also be emphasized.


Fruit quality, productivity, sweet cherry, yield

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