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In this paper, static bending (modulus of rupture, MOR, and modulus of elasticity, MOE) and compression strength parallel to grain (Σc??) of black alder wood (Alnus glutinosa Gaertn.) were investigated. For experimental testing, we used black alder wood from two different areas: Crni Jarci, Croatia, and Malá Byst?ice, Czech Republic. Experimental tests were carried out according to the Czech national standards: ?SN 49 0115 and ?SN 49 0116 for static bending and ?SN 49 0110 for compression strength. The samples from Malá Byst?ice showed lower values of MOR (~14%), MOE (~30%), and Σc?? (~4%), when compared to the samples from Crni Jarci. The relationship between density and strength was investigated. The difference between the studied groups at the 0.05 significance level was confirmed. The average linear correlation was found between density and the observed mechanical properties (for Σc??). The average density was 5491397645907kg m-3 for samples from Crni Jarci and 469 kg m-3 for samples from Malá Byst?ice. The results were compared with values indicated in similar studies.


Black alder wood, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture, static bending, wood density

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