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The present study was designed to transfer mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) resistance in urdbean from ricebean. Four MYMV-resistant ricebean genotypes (RBL1, RBL6, RBL35, and RBL50) were hybridized as males with the MYMV-susceptible urdbean line PS 1 using hand emasculation and pollination techniques under field conditions. The results revealed significant differences in the crossability of ricebean genotypes with an urdbean genotype. The highest number of crossed pods was obtained from the interspecific cross PS1 × RBL35. Crossability ranged from 0.6% to 2.89% with an average value of 1.87%. The number of F1 seeds in the crossed pod varied from 1 to 4. Molecular and morphological characterization verified the genetic purity of the developed hybrids. These hybrids exhibited resistance against MYMV infection under natural epiphytotic field conditions. The present study will help to develop improved varieties or lines of urdbean with stable MYMV resistance.


Interspecific hybridization, hybrid purity, ricebean, urdbean, MYMV resistance

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