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This study investigated the effects of various concentrations (10% and 12%, w/w) of persimmon marmalade and puree used in yogurt production. The antioxidant capacity, composition, and physicochemical and sensory properties of yogurts were established during the storage period. The titratable acidity contents and pH values of the samples changed slowly throughout the storage period. Yogurts made from persimmon marmalade had higher a and b values than did other yogurts. Yogurt containing 12% persimmon marmalade received the highest sensory analysis values. The dry matter contents of the samples fluctuated between 16.67% and 21.54% throughout the storage period. The highest viscosity and water capacity values were detected in the yogurt sample with 12% persimmon marmalade on the 15th day. The samples produced by adding persimmon puree exhibited lower antioxidant activity than did other samples.


Antioxidant activity, chemical properties, persimmon, sensory properties, yogurt

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