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Crop losses caused by insects, pests, and pathogens remain one of the major problems in sustainable agriculture. Environmental and health concerns regarding the overuse of pesticides, and the impacts of climate change on epidemics are immediate pressing issues. In addition, the breakdown of plant resistance by pathogen populations brings limitations to the genetic control of diseases. Biologics can be effective in all types of agricultural systems including organic, sustainable, and conventional. Beneficial microorganisms including Bacillus and Trichoderma species have been employed as environmentally safe biopesticides. Molecular and proteomic studies on biopesticides have revealed the nature of antibiotics, secreted enzymes, and inhibitory compounds. This review focuses on the current knowledge regarding biological agents and their metabolites including quorum-sensing molecules and volatile compounds, and how they can be used in pest and disease management programs.


Crop protection, Bacillus, Trichoderma, volatile compounds, plant growth- promoting bacteria

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