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Challenges to the effectiveness of specific activities and production technologies in agriculture become more pressing each day as worldwide demand for agricultural products increases. The mechanization of agriculture brings positive quantitative and qualitative effects; however, the modernization of production tools (tractors and agricultural machinery) needs to be directly linked to increasing economic efficiency of use. Period of use and life expectancy of agricultural tractors can be increased by reducing the friction and wear that occurs among moving mechanical parts. A special case in point is the cold start process in compression ignition engines. In a cold start great forces develop, and a lack of lubricating oil film can lead to the damage of engine components. This paper proposes use of an ultrasound emitter device that manages minimum energy consumption in order to modify the rheological properties of engine oil lubrication and reduce friction losses. The results of laboratory experiments were processed in a computer simulation of the diesel engine tractor cold start process. Losses due to internal friction among engine components were comparatively analyzed, and a lower percentage of friction loss was obtained through ultrasonic conditioning of lubricating oil. The proposed method offers benefits in terms of rational use and can prolong engine life with positive effects on the economic efficiency of agricultural processes.


Cold start, engine, lubrication, oil, simulation, ultrasonic, viscosity

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