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Terpenoids, the most abundant and structurally diverse class of plant secondary metabolites, play an important role in plants. With the purpose of obtaining new and better chemical preservatives, the present study investigated the effects of geranyl diphosphate (GDP), a precursor of terpenoids, and its analog on the vase life of cut flower gerbera. GDP and its analog were used in 5 different concentrations (0, 25, 50, 100, and 200 mg L^{-1}). Flowers were grouped into 9 different treatment groups: control (C), G25, G50, G100, G200, A25, A50, A100, and A200. The application of geranyl diphosphate and its analog resulted in increased solution uptake, fresh weight, soluble solids, membrane stability, and longevity of cut flowers and alleviated stem bending with the best observed results in the A100, A200, A50, and G100 treatment groups. According to the results, the present research indicated that GDP and its analog, and especially its analog, may promote the longevity of cut flowers via increased solution uptake, soluble solids, fresh weight, and membrane stability and alleviated stem bending.


Geranyl diphosphate, gerbera, monoterpenes, ornamental, postharvest, terpenoids

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