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This study presents a model for the physical planning process of thermal comfort (TC), which is very important for outdoor recreation planning, using thermal perception maps (TPMs). For this purpose, a TPM of Isparta Province was produced according to the physiologically equivalent temperature (PET) index from climatic data of the province. To determine the TC structure of the province, climatic data were collected from 16 meteorology stations. The RayMan 1.2 program was used to obtain the monthly PET values of the stations, and the inverse distance weighted interpolation technique in geographic information system (GIS) software was used to produce monthly PET maps and a TPM of the province. The most comfortable months and regions for outdoor recreation activities were identified by TPM according to the PET values. These months and regions are listed in order, beginning with the most comfortable, as follows: the entire province, with the exception of the towns of Eğirdir, Keçiborlu, Barla, and Kumdanlı-Hoyran in May; the towns of Keçiborlu, Eğirdir, Uluborlu, Yalvaç, Kumdanlı-Hoyran, and Şarkikaraağaç in September; Barla and Keçiborlu in June; and October for the town of Kasımlar. The contributions that TPMs offer for planning the most appropriate areas and periods for outdoor recreation are described.


Isparta, physiological equivalent temperature, recreational planning, thermal comfort, thermal perception map

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