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There is not enough information on the distribution of grain components from different areas within a spike of wheat. The aim of this study was to determine how grain position affects some physical and chemical properties of grains. Grain size, thousand-grain and hectoliter weight, Zeleny sedimentation, falling number, wheat color, grain hardness, wet and dry gluten contents, and protein and ash contents were determined in grains from different parts of the spike (bottom, middle, and top) in Karasu-90, Palandöken-97, Yıldırım, Bezostaya-1, and Doğu-88 wheat varieties. Grain position in the spike had a significant effect on some physical and chemical properties of grains. The protein content of grains increased from the top to the bottom of the spike. Grains from the middle portion of wheat spikes were larger than those from the top and bottom portions. The lowest dry gluten values were obtained from the top part while the highest values were determined in the bottom of the spike. In addition, significant differences were observed among grain positions within the spike based on hectoliter weights.


Grain position, physical and chemical properties, spike, wheat

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