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The objective of this study was to discriminate 11 maize hybrids with one parent in common using ultrathin-layer isoelectric focusing (UTLIEF) of seed salt-soluble proteins in 0.02% NaCl solution in the laboratory. Thirty-two protein bands were found in the pH range of 5.0-7.0, 62.5% of which were polymorphic. Six hybrids with the same male parent and 5 hybrids with the same female parent were differentiated by their patterns and numbers of polymorphic protein bands. The result showed that UTLIEF has the characteristics of high resolution to discriminate close genetic relationships. Meanwhile, the genetic purity of 11 hybrids were tested, and the purities for different hybrids were as follows: Shenyu10, 96%; Shenyu13, 96.7%; Shenyu16, 98%; Shenyu17, 99.3%; Shenyu18, 96%; Shenyu23, 96.7%; Shenyu21, 95.3%; Shenyu22, 97.3%; Shenyu29, 98.7%; Shenyu30, 100%; and Shenyu31, 98%.

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