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The goal of this study was to compare the lipid, glycogen, and total sugar levels in completely starved (no water or sugar provided), honey-fed, sucrose-fed, or sugar-starved (only water provided) females of the parasitoid Bracon hebetor (Say) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). We also quantified the lipid, glycogen, and total sugar levels in newly emerged unfed (day 0) female (n = 30) wasps. The mean amounts of reserves obtained from these females were regarded as a standard for the initial amount of reserves. The glycogen level of emerging females was 17.99 ± 2.02 \mug. As expected, sucrose- or honey-fed females had significantly higher glycogen levels than emergent, completely starved, or sugar-starved females. There was no significant difference between completely starved and sugar-starved females for glycogen levels. Emerging females had significantly lower total sugar levels (10.38 ± 0.88 \mug) than those receiving other diet treatments. Total sugar levels did not significantly differ between completely starved and sugar-starved females. Similarly, honey-fed or sucrose-fed females had similar levels of total sugars. Female B. hebetor emerged with the highest amounts of lipid (261.07 ± 16.57 \mug). Lipid levels in females of all diet treatments declined significantly from emergence to the tenth day of adult life. The decline in lipid levels was slower in honey-fed or sucrose-fed females than in those of completely starved or sugar-starved females.


Bracon hebetor, glycogen, lipid, sugar feeding, total sugar

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