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The aim of this study was to develop a computerized measurement system (CMS) combined with a sticky belt test stand for examining in-row seed spacing distribution accuracy. For this purpose 8 performance parameters were selected for precision seeding: mean seed spacing, the standard deviation, the multiples index, the miss index, the quality of feed index, the precision, the population index, and the coefficient of precision (CP-3). The CMS hardware consisted of a high precision optical mouse coupled with a laser pointer and a notebook computer. The use of optical laser technology is a new method for the determination of seed spacing distribution. The CMS stored seed coordinate data, which was input using a simple user interface, and sent to the data to Microsoft Excel for further statistical analysis. The results obtained from this study confirm that the combination of a sticky belt test stand and CMS can be used instead of a digital caliper and steel tape measure to rapidly and correctly obtain quantitative evaluations of seed spacing uniformity in the laboratory.


Computerized measurement system, sticky belt test, seed spacing accuracy, precision seeding

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