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Predatory behaviour, prey consumption, and foraging cycle of adults and larvae of Scymnus levaillanti Muls. and Cycloneda sanguinea L. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) were investigated using a video/computer recording and measurement system. Larvae of S. levaillanti spent more time in feeding activities compared to C. sanguinea. Adults of both S. levaillanti and C. sanguinea spent more time in non-feeding activities (digestion and cleaning) compared to their larvae whilst adults of S. levaillanti spent less time in non-feeding activities than those of C. sanguinea. Generally, larvae and adults of both coccinellid species spent most of their time in non-feeding activities. Although S. levaillanti exhibited more foraging cycles with shorter periods compared to C. sanguinea, S. levaillanti required less aphids to be satiated compared to C. sanguinea. These results indicated that feeding and foraging behaviour of these coccinellid species can have a great impact on their daily aphid consumption.


Scymnus levaillanti, Cycloneda sanguinea, coccinellid, foraging cycle, digestive pause

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