Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




Relationships between seed yield and agronomic characters in sunflower were investigated without considering genetic effects. Sunflower hybrids were evaluated in 3 categories: constant hybrids, control hybrids (mostly the same in each year), and test hybrids (changing each year). Seed yield was positively correlated with oil content, plant height, and 1000-seed weight, but flowering and physiological maturity period correlated negatively with yield based on the analyses in this research. A diverse relationship was determined between the seed yield of the hybrids and oil content. Results of the regression analysis indicated that, up to 40%-45% oil content, there was a negative correlation between yield and oil content, but both values increased equivalently after this point. Up to 70 g 1000-seed weight, sunflower seed yield increased, but hybrids would sacrifice yield performance to get larger size seeds after this point. Seed yield gradually increased with increasing plant height and earlier maturing hybrids demonstrated higher yield performance in this research. The relationships between seed yield and other components gave similar results in the same climatic conditions, except Tarsan-1018 and Sanbro hybrids with respect to each characteristic observed.


Sunflower, hybrid, seed yield, yield traits, regression analysis

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