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The Nazilli region of Aydın province in Turkey leads in terms of number of chestnut trees and quantity of chestnuts produced. This research was conducted to determine chestnut genotypes having high yield and superior fruit quality in the Nazilli region. Overall fruit quality, fruit size, precocity, and suitability for paste processing of chestnut genotypes were investigated. The observed characteristics of genotypes were ranked using certain criteria. Number of fruit samples collected from 2001 to 2003 are 80 (2001), 46 (2002), and 38 (2003). The collected data were evaluated using the weighted-rankit method, with total points determined for 38 genotypes during the 3-year study. The results showed that genotype N-3-4 had the highest average points, i.e. 2857, followed by the genotypes N-20-2, N-23-1, N-19-2, and N-2-5 with 2743, 2738, 2735, and 2734 points, respectively. The performance of the selected genotypes that showed the highest performance in this study will be determined within similar growing conditions in subsequent trials.


Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.), selection, weighted-rankit method

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