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This research was conducted to construct genetic linkage maps of Vitis (2n = 38) from grape populations (60 F_1 + 2 parents) of crossing of Italia and Mercan (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars. RAPD reactions were performed using a total of 300 RAPD primers. The amplification products were scored from negatives as presence or absence. Only 59 loci for Italia and 55 loci for Mercan could be used for linkage analysis. Mapmaker/Exp.3.0 was used for genetic linkage analysis with multipoint ordering among markers at LOD >= 3.0 score. The map was developed by using the double pseudo-testcross mapping approach. Italia and Mercan resulted in 8 (maternal) and 6 (paternal) linkage groups, respectively. Loci placed on the linkage groups were further analyzed by regression and analyses of variances in order to determine possible linkages between the loci and morphological and disease resistance characteristics. According to the results, only 2 characters, flowering time and resistance to powdery mildew, were significantly linked (P >= 0.01) to 1 and 2 marker loci, respectively. Other significant (P >= 0.05) marker-QTL relationships were also found for various traits from regression analysis.


Grape, genetic map, linkage analysis, QTL, RAPD

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