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The objective of this study was to determine storage and shelf life periods of Perfect Delight nectarines grown in Mersin (Yenice, Tarsus). The fruit was kept at 0 °C and 85%-90% relative humidity for 8 weeks. After removal from cold storage at weekly intervals, the fruit was kept at 20 °C and 65%-70% relative humidity for 2, 4 or 6 days to determine shelf life in 3 replicates. Changes in weight loss (%), fruit skin color and flesh color (L*, a*, b*), fruit flesh firmness (N), total soluble solids (%), titratable acidity (g malic acid / 100 ml fruit juice), incidence of chilling injury and fungal decay were monitored weekly during cold storage and during the subsequent shelf life at 2-day intervals. The fruit lost 4%-6% of its initial weight after 8 weeks of cold storage and showed no visible symptoms of shriveling. Fruit flesh firmness decreased, but remained at about 20 N at the end of 8 weeks of storage. Perfect Delight nectarines can be kept at 0 °C and 85-90% relative humidity for 4-6 weeks and can have a 2-day shelf life following cold storage.


Nectarine, Perfect Delight, storage, shelf life

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