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This study investigates the germination, replanting and survival of Rhododendron ponticum, a species native to Turkey, in different media. The conditions of the germination medium were first investigated and the seedlings obtained were applied as a first replicate in a peat medium, and at the end of 4 months a second replicate in 7 different media was used to examine their development and survival in these media. The data obtained were then compared to the data obtained from soil analysis and their relations were outlined along with statistical considerations. According to the findings, an efficient germination was observed when the seeds were sown in the form of a thin layer. By administering water via a handspring to maintain the moisture of the soil at an adequate level and preventing the seeds from aggregating during watering resulted in a homogeneous germination. The appropriateness of the peat soil in the first replanting of the rhododendron seedlings reproduced from seeds was determined (based on the healthy development of the seedlings). The Rhododendron ponticum L. seedlings in the second replanting adapts better in soils that are acidic (pH 4.5-5.5) and rich in organic matter (60%-70%) and in moisture (60%-70%) and semi-shaded areas (areas that receive 50% or more of solar radiation indirectly).


Rhododendron, Rhododendron ponticum L., replicate by seed

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