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The experiments, involving 25 sunflower hybrids, were conducted in 3 locations in 2000 and 2001. These hybrids were evaluated for 4 important yield components (seed and oil yields, oil content and hull ratio) by combining ability. The experimental design was a randomized complete block design with 3 replications. Based on specific combining ability (SCA) analysis, the hybrid 2453-A x 2644-R was determined as the best hybrid in the experiment. The female lines 2453-A and 0704-A and the male lines R-1001 and 2644-R had higher seed and oil yield performances in this research. However, the 2644-R and 2280-R restorer and HA89-A and BAH-8-A female lines had the highest oil percentages. Among the parental lines, the 2453-A female and 2644-R male had the best GCA (general combining ability) and SCA effects based on the 4 yield traits in the experiment. Additionally, the HA89-A and R-1001 lines were selected also to test combining ability using 2 testers for both female and male lines in future breeding programs.


Sunflower, Hybrid breeding, General and special combining ability

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