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Today, any enterprise has to consider marketing as important as production. Production and marketing are 2 complementary activities in enterprises. An increase in marketing effectiveness is achieved through measuring the activity outcomes that can be described as marketing performance. Because marketing is a social science and, therefore, determining the marketing performance system concretely, examining it and determining its principles may not be possible, a need for a new model was felt to represent the real system, and, consequently, a Multi-Dimensional Purpose-System Model was developed. The above-mentioned model was applied in the 12 Nursery Directorates in the Eastern Anatolia and Black Sea regions, which are branches of the General Directorate of Afforestation and Erosion Control and which are run on the principles of business enterprise. This study covers a limited period of time (1996-2000), and 41 variables were developed in order to measure the marketing performances of these enterprises. Multi-variable statistical analyses (correlation analyses and factor analyses) were used to determine the most important variables to be used in this model and their weights. As a result of the statistical analyses, the TSS (Total Seedling Sales), PP (Profit Productivity), PT (Production per Technician), AE (Area of Enterprise), SIFA (Selling Income per Fixed Asset), RITPPSP (Rate of Increase in Technical Personnel Profit per Seedling Produced), SIAE (Selling Income per Advertisement Expense), PPE (Percentage of Production Expenses) and MS (Market Share) were found to be the most important marketing variables in nursery enterprises. It was also found that the marketing performance could explain 96.3% with the 9 variables that were used in this model. In accordance with the model, all variables were first converted into values between 0 and 100 through a linear normalization method and then the marketing performance levels of the nursery enterprises were calculated in terms of the averages of 5 years, and finally the enterprises were enumerated according to these levels.


Marketing Performance, Performance, Performance Measurement, State Nurseries

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