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Soil respiration is a good indicator of soil quality. In this study, the influence of species type and sampling time on soil respiration in young and old oriental spruce (Picea orientalis (L.) Link.) stands without understory and with a Rhododendron ponticum L. understory and in adjacent grasslands were investigated in Genya Mountain, Artvin, Turkey. Soil respiration was measured approximately monthly from May to October using the soda-lime technique. Mean daily soil respiration across all sites ranged from 0.26 to 2.66 g C m^{-2} d^{-1}. There were significant differences between grasslands and old forest sites, but no significant differences between young forest sites and grasslands. Seasonal changes in soil respiration were strongly related to temperature changes. Over all sites, soil temperature and soil moisture together accounted for 75% of the seasonal variability in soil respiration. Mean soil respiration rates correlated strongly with fine root (


soil biological activity, oriental spruce, grasslands, C cycle

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