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This study was conducted to investigate the effect of foliar Fe applications on leaf Fe and some nutrient (P, Ca, Mg, K, Mn and Zn) concentrations in strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.) cultivars. For this purpose, 2 forms of Fe solutions (FeSO_4. 7 H_2O and Fe-EDTA) containing 0.28% Fe were sprayed onto the strawberry leaves at 3 growth stages (before blooming, first blooming, full blooming). Depending on the Fe sources, Fe concentration increased after each application. Before blooming, leaf Fe concentration increased from 60 mg kg^{-1} (control) to 127 and 105 mg kg^{-1} with Fe-EDTA and FeSO_4. 7 H_2O, respectively. During the first blooming, leaf Fe concentration continued to increase to 139 mg kg^{-1} with both Fe sources. While Fe concentration was 87 mg kg^{-1} with the control treatment, it reached 184 mg kg^{-1} with Fe-EDTA and 238 mg kg^{-1} with FeSO_4. 7 H_2O application after the full blooming. While the leaf Fe and Zn concentrations increased with foliar Fe applications, leaf P, Mg and K concentrations were not affected, but Ca and Mn concentrations decreased. This indicated that the leaf Fe concentration of strawberry increased continuously with repeated foliar Fe application from both sources. Regarding leaf Fe concentrations, it was seen that the effect of FeSO_4. 7 H_2O on leaf Fe concentrations was higher than that of Fe-EDTA.


Foliar fertilization, Fe, nutrient contents, strawberry, plant

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