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Nineteen authentic citrus juice samples (6 tangerine, 4 sweet orange, 4 grapefruit, 4 lemon and 1 sour orange) were investigated with respect to organic acid distribution. Average citric, malic and fumaric acid contents of tangerine juices were 9.22 g l^{-1}, 5.29 g l^{-1} and 368 µg l^{-1}, respectively. These values for orange juices were 13.28 g l^{-1}, 7.79 g l^{-1} and 373 µg l^{-1}, respectively. The citric acid concentration in lemon juices, having the highest acidity, varied between 48.54 and 60.32 g l^{-1}. It was followed by grapefruit juices with an average 19.61 g l^{-1} citric acid content. In all citrus juices, the most abundant organic acid was citric acid, ranging from 6.05 to 60.32 g l^{-1}, with the exception of one tangerine variety. Malic acid was the second most abundant acid (1.27-12.15 g l^{-1}), followed by fumaric acid (0-807 µg l^{-1}). Grapefruit, lemon and sour orange juices did not contain fumaric acid.


organic acid, orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine

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