Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




This study estimates a supply model for apricots and an export demand model for dried apricots for Turkey to provide unit-free measure coefficients for better supply and marketing management. Using parameter estimates from the models and sample average data, elasticities of long-run supply, price-yield and export of dried apricots were computed as 0.72, 0.54 and -0.87 respectively. From the price dependent export demand model, the price flexibility of dried apricots was calculated as -0.71. In this study, the import demand elasticities of dried apricots for major destination countries were estimated and found to be inelastic. An evaluation of aggregated household consumption expenditure data indicates that the demand for fresh apricots will increase as per capita real income, population and urban population go up, but the growth in domestic demand for dried apricots and apricot jam will gradually increase as per capita income, population and urban population go up. According to the supply and export demand elasticities of dried apricots, without either supply control or demand expansion, apricot growers' income will not be stabilized.


Apricot, Turkey, Supply, Export Demand Analysis

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