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In this study the salt tolerance of stock (Matthiola tricuspidata) was investigated. For this purpose, a control and 4 different concentrations of NaCl + CaCl_2 were applied to plants grown under greenhouse conditions. Na, Cl and electrical conductivity (EC) analyses were conducted in soil, plant and leached samples. Yield, plant growth parameters and plant dry matter were also determined. All plants survived until the end of the experiments. Treatments affected the ion content and EC of leached and soil samples significantly. Increasing salinity conditions increased translocation of Na and Cl in plants. Flower numbers, seedpod numbers, and dry matter content of shoot and leaf were affected significantly. The second treatment, 2.0 dS m^{-1}, gave the highest seedpod number. However, treatments increased the plant dry matter up to 6.0 dS m^{-1} in the shoot and 8.0 dS m^{-1} in the leaf. The results suggest that irrigation of stock with saline water is feasible.


Salt tolerance, sodium, chloride, saline water, oil crop

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