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The relationships between aerodynamic properties such as vacuum pressure and suction speed and the fiber and physio-mechanical properties of cotton during harvesting were determined by using the Nazilli 84 cotton variety. Aerodynamic properties such as vacuum pressure and suction speed and physio-mechanical properties such as wet and dry lock masses, lock moisture, number of seeds per lock, carpel openness, carpel depth, carpel angle and force of lock break-off were measured. In addition fiber length, fiber strength, fiber elongation and fiber fineness were determined. The statistical relationships between the aerodynamic, physio-mechanical and fiber properties were also determined. It was observed that as suction speed increased the vacuum pressure requirement decreased. Moreover, a higher vacuum pressure was required for breaking off locks with seeds greater in number, with a large mass, and long, durable, flexible and thick fibers. Cotton locks showing high resistance to break off and moist cotton locks require a higher speed to be separated from the carpel.


Cotton, physio-mechanical properties, fiber properties, aerodynamic properties

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