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This study was carried out to determine the effect of different planting times on the essential oil components of different mint varieties (Mentha arvensis var. piperascens, M. piperita Mitcham, M. piperita Eskişehir and M. piperita Prilubskaja). The field trials were conducted at the GAP Agricultural Research Station under Harran Plain conditions in 1993 and 1994. The mint oil components, a-pinene (0.49-1.00%), b-pinene (1.38-2.12%), 1,8-cineole (2.64-10.85%), menthone, menthofuran (28.09-49.52%), menthole (22.55-38.89%), pulegone (0.00-1.32%), menthyl acetate (0.46-6.78%) and b-caryophyllene (0.54-2.84%), were determined. The results indicated that the essential oil components were affected by planting times, mint varieties and cutting numbers. The highest menthole ratio was obtained from M. arvensis var. piperascens (33.50-38.89%), from second cutting and autumn transplantation. Therefore, autumn transplantations are more suitable under Harran Plain conditions.


Mint varieties (Mentha piperita L., M. arvensis var. piparescens Holmes), Planting times, Essential oil components

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