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Using the 1992-1996's irrigation results, 15 different physical, economic and institutional efficiency indicators were applied to the Bursa groundwater irrigation project to evaluate the performance of the system. A water supply ratio of 0.6-1.09, an irrigation ratio of 57-81%, a realized crop pattern ratio of 71-96.6%, a benefit-cost ratio of 2.5-10.0, a planned water supply ratio of 61-115.3%, a water-use per unit area of 5917.3-8701.3 m^3 ha^{-1}, a water fee collection ratio of 71-100%, a sustainable irrigated area ratio of 1.71, an output per unit command of $ 2628.7 ha^{-1} and output per cropped area of $ 4198.5 ha^{-1} were found. For efficient irrigation management, irrigation planning must be appropriate for the farmers, market and water resource conditions.


Groundwater irrigation project, performance evaluation, physical efficiency, economic efficiency, institutional efficiency

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