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In small fruit species, like the mandarin, fruit size is lower in Turkey than in other countries and this has a negative effect on their marketing. There are problems with fruit yield and size in the Clementine mandarin, which is a commonly grown mandarin cultivar in Turkey. To solve these problems, various studies have been carried out. Girdling is one of the methods studied and it had positive effects on fruit yield and size without lowering the fruit quality. However, fruit yield and fruit size were reduced to previous levels if the treatment was repeated over a long period. In addition to girdling, GA_3, seaweed extract, and Fe-chelate were used in order to increase fruit yield and fruit size. Double girdling at the end of flowering and gibberellic acid (ÇB+GA_3) applications are recommended, since they have a positive effect on the yield and the amount of marketable fruit.


Clementine mandarin, girdling, GA_3, yield, fruit size

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