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The recreational use value of Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park in the Antalya province of Turkey was studied by using the Individual Travel Cost Method (ITCM). For this purpose, 500 on-site questionnaires were administered between September 1998 and June 1999. By applying certain criteria to these questionnaires, 280 cases were selected for economic analysis. The number of visits made by individuals was used as the dependent variable, while travel costs of individuals to the Park, socio-economic variables (age, education and household income) and alternative sites were selected as the independent variables in the demand model of the Park. A semi-log functional form was used to estimate the consumer surplus of the Park users. The results showed that Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park has an annual recreational use value of $50,000 with July 1999 exchange rates. It was concluded that the ITCM can be used in the estimation of recreational use value of the natural areas in Turkey, but further research on the type of costs to be considered in the calculation of travel costs is needed.


Individual travel cost method, Recreation, Economic value, Protected areas, Cost-benefit analysis

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