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This research was carried out in the experimental field of Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops during the years 1997, 1998, and 1999. Alfalfa cultivars Elçi, Kayseri, Mesa Sirsa, Fortress, Bilensoy-80, 5638/Miral, Peru, and Bitlis were used as materials. Plant heights of alfalfa cultivars during three years were highest before first cuts, and the highest forage yields were obtained from these cuts. According to the results, total green yields and dry matter yields were 1869 and 651 kg/da in first year, 4071 and 1297 kg/da in the second year, and 3839 and 1226 kg/da in the third year. After a period of three years, no significant yield differences were detectable among the cultivars. Total green and dry matter yields were 9779 and 3214 kg/da, respectively. The crude protein contents of the cultivars found after the first cut were similar in the first and third year (21-25% and 17-22%); however, they were lower in the second year (15-17%). The total dry matter yield of local cultivar Bilensoy-80 was higher than the other cultivars over the three years (3615 kg/da). After a period of three years, local and introduced cultivars were compared for their dry matter yields. It was found that, although statistically not significant, the yield of the local cultivars was slightly higher (2.6%) than that of the introduced cultivars under Ankara conditions.


Alfalfa, plant height, forage yields

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