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This study was carried out to establish some physical properties and proximate chemical compositions of taro corms collected from Anamur and Bozyazı in İçel province, Turkey. A total of two taro corms from different sources were evaluated for pH, dry matter, crude protein, crude cellulose unrefined oil, starch, invert sugar, total sugar, ash, Ca, Mg ve K. French fries produced from the corms were evaluated on composition and sensory properties. The samples collected from Anamur and Bozyazı differed in some parameters. Taro corms were rich in starch, magnesium and potassium. Sensory analysis of the products showed no difference between the samples, and taro purees were less liked while french fries were more preferred when compared with those made with potatoes. Taro and its products were recommended as a novel crop and a valuable food source.


taro, Colocasia esculenta, corm, composition, french fries, chips, sensory analysis

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