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This study was conducted to determine of effects the cotton plant growth of different irrigation programs in a drip system. The amount of water applied was based on free surface evaporation from a screened Class-A Pan. Irrigation treatments consisted of two different irrigation intervals (I1: 5; I2: 10 days), and three plant-pan coefficients (Kcp1: 0.75; Kcp2: 0.90 and Kcp3: 1.05) and two different wetted percentages (P1: 0.70 and P2: based on cover percentage of the crop). The first irrigation was applied when the available soil moisture in the 120 cm depth in the profile was at 40%. According to the results of the experiment, significant relationships between plant height, leaf area index (LAI), development of plant cover, and dry matter both with irrigation water and evapotranspiration were determined.


Drip irrigation, Growth of cotton plant, Leaf area index (LAI)

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