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This study was conducted to determine the agricultural technical conditions and irrigation systems for obtaining high yields in wheat production. A questionnaire was prepared and applied to farmers growing wheat in Ankara, Konya and Eskişehir in 1996. After analyzing the data, we determined the water resources, the amount of water used for wheat production, the allocation of crops, and the technical and financial problems faced by farmers in the research area. The findings of the study showed that 74% of irrigation water is high quality, and ground water and surface water are used in almost equal amounts. Depending on the climatic conditions, wheat is irrigated on average twice, in April and May. Farmers stated that irrigation in October increases wheat yield. Furthermore, this study showed that farmers use modern agricultural techniques, and chemical control and fertilizers are applied at the proper time and in the proper way. Another finding of the study is that farmers have all the agricultural mechanized equipment necessary for wheat production. Farmers stressed that irrigation possibilities should be increased and the relationship between input and output prices needs to be arranged for farmers' benefit.


Wheat, source of irrigation, irrigation and agricultural techniques.

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