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Diaspores of taxa with large ecological tolerance can be easily carried between continents and some of these taxa become an important factor, threatening the maintenance of plant species diversity, in addition to other factors, such as clear-cutting, over-grazing and dwellings. Chorological study is an important step for conserving plant species diversity, and it provides information about naturalized plant taxa that have migrated from one continent to others. Presenting the floristic relationships between the continents is important for plant geography and paleobotany. The chorological features of 32 taxa of flowering plants belonging to 14 families, naturalized in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey, were examined and discussed. Most of these taxa come from parts of North America, China and Japan, all of which are areas with climatic conditions similar to those of this region. These taxa have been dispersed by human activity, wind, animals and water. Because of the high rainfall throughout the year, diaspores of naturalized taxa can germinate easily and become new individuals in the study area. Consequently, there have been plant migrations in the temperate region of the world, where the eastern Black Sea region is a plant migratory route between Europe and Caucasia.


Chorology, Naturalized Taxa, Eastern Black Sea Region

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