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Axi 1 is the only characterized auxin independent gene in tobacco plants. In this study, the effect of axi 1 gene on cortical cell division during different stages of nitrogen fixation and on the role of polar auxin transport were investigated. Root and nodule samples were taken from pea seedlings 24 hours, 48 hours, 6 days and 10 days after inoculation with R. leguminosarum PRE strain. Using in situ hybridisation, the location of the axi 1 gene expression in root and nodule tissues was identified. The results showed that in root tissues inoculated with Rhizobia, the axi 1 gene is expressed on the phloem tissue of the vascular bundle. In the 10-day-old nodule tissues, the gene expression was found in the phloem tissue, around the nodule bundle and nodule meristematic region. The results obtained indicate that also Axi 1 gene plays a role in nitrogen fixation and auxine transport.


Axi 1, gene expression, pea, nodule

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